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A Royal Pain? Never…
As my amazing email VIP reader list is aware, the sequel to Erin Hayes’ The Royal Trade: A Billionaire Prince
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Valentine’s Day Part Deux
The love continues… Click the pic to nab a copy of 52 quality romance novels for under a buck. Your
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Happy Valentine’s Day!
(A little early.) 😛 I’ve got a couple fun items today. First is this freebie: Just click the pic to
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A Behind the Scenes Peek…
From Beth’s Desk Hey VIP! Welcome! I know you’ve received a fair amount newsletter action in the form of Writing
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She’s going up on February 1…
The novella, Reclaimed Wonderland, is currently 99 cents. The story’s heading upwards on February 1. If you’re a fan of
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What’s on your bucket list?
And more importantly… why? Save
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In memory of… footwear?
The passing of a creative entrepreneur is something to be mourned. Today Beth and Jackie discuss the artists they miss.
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Decluttering in Life and Career
So much stuff. Waaaayy too much. It was time to pare down the clutter in the office so Jackie and
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Creative Entrepreneurs and Moonlighting
Moonlighting can be one way to launch your creative endeavor. But it’s got some upsides as well as downers. Today
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Should you reinvent yourself?
The only constant in life is change. Or so “they” say… Today Lindsay and Beth discuss pen names, reasons why
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Networking Made Easy?
It strikes fear in the heart of every introvert. Yet we must do it. Today Jackie and Beth untangle the
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The benefits of freelancing like a farmer…
Lisa Jenson, a long time freelancer from Idaho, shares how a diverse portfolio helps prevent income highs and lows. In
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