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In today’s show, I’m honored to chat with Jody J. Sperling from The Reluctant Marketer Podcast. We discuss: Conquering fear,
Hello Beautiful Spirit! This morning, my company released a title I’m particularly pleased with. Titled Polaris: Harnessing Intuition to Rediscover
A truly fun project. 🙂 Beth Erickson · On Manifesting  
  Beth Erickson · Lucid Dreaming
An excellent (and fun!) project. 🙂 Beth Erickson · Pocket Power: Become the Person You Were Born to Be... And
It's still in production, but here's a taste of my latest project...     Beth Erickson · Ten Things to
This project rocked! A side story to BA Erickson's Reclaimed Series, this novella illustrates life in a truly messed up
This was a fun project! Super short, but super enjoyable. The authors are using this as a "lead magnet" so