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Ack! Vintage advertisements that’ll curl your toes
My how times change. The magazine ads after the jump are… interesting. We’ve got fannies, diarrhea plagued playboys, “chubby” girls,
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Caribou Coffee 5k, Weekend Update
Fantastic weekend. First, on Friday, on our regular morning walk, little Rudie (the Doxie Cross) found a dollar in the
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Monarch popoulation is declining
I remember the warm summer day when, during our regular walk, my family and I discovered the monarchs. Now, when
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Find the thing you’re most passionate about then… ruin it?
This piece from The Onion hits pretty close to home. I have always been a big proponent of following your
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Publisher Ellora’s Cave is suing blogger
Oh boy. Fasten your seat belt for a twisted story. I’ll let Publisher’s Weekly present the introduction: After months of
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Some great writing advice.
I found a number of gems in this collection of quotes. “If you have any young friends who aspire to
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Oh, what a beautiful “First Kiss” vid… Oh wait. It’s an ad?
This thing was all over my Facebook feed. Awkward, cute, strange. I watched it, curious about the backstory… who would
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Lisa Bonchek Adams and cancer tweets
It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Thing is, life got a bit overwhelming after the cancer diagnosis. I must
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Summer 2013
Summer’s basically over I’ve gotta say, summer 2013 was pretty bad. Gitting hit with cancer surgery first thing out of
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Guess what I’ve been working on this week
I’ve been feeling better (thanks for all your kind wishes) and have spent some substantial time in the office this
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Plant Based Chefs
Hey, Plant Based Chef readers: I’m combining PBC and my personal blog. After my cancer diagnosis, I’ve felt the need
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I’m “Under the Cuckoo Clock!”
Under the Cuckoo Clock author Maryjo Faith  Morgan mentioned the latest issue of Writing Etc. in her column. VERY cool.
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