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I'm currently visiting Texas for business. It's a mite warmer here than central Minnesota. Things I really like about this
I really didn't plan on commenting on this. Various personalities on the Internet seem to be doing a fine job
I've been busy as a beaver updating books, editing, uploading to new markets... uff-da. It's been an exhausting yet exhilarating
Beware. A potentially NSFW pic ahead. Woah, that makes two NSFW posts in a row. How unusual. (This pic isn't
Great art is powerful. It's thought provoking. Its message leaps back into your memory long after you've left the installation.
Well, Amazon has disagreed with my plans for a .99 sale. Turns out they won't let me run any awesome
I've recently noticed an uptick in novel sales (YAY... thanks to everyone who nabbed one) and figured it might be
Wow. I hardly know what to say. After a solid month of getting poked, prodded, scared, tested, and gouged... it's
So, the second year cancerversary tests are in full swing. So far, so good. I've got two appointments this week,
I *just* got the download page complete. So, if you've recently become a VIP reader, head to your personalized link
So... edits are complete on all three novels. I'm sooooo excited. This means that if you're a VIP reader, you'll
Kristen Lindsey is a vet. Or was a vet. At the time of this event, she was a Texas veterinarian.

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