WOW! It’s been a while.

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Holy cow. Time’s slipped by and I haven’t posted in, like, forever.

No excuses. Just busy.

My world got capsized when I unexpectedly had to put my writing partner, muse, and dear companion “down.” Lucy the Rat Terrier Wonder dog has now joined with the universe and has left my side.

Life feels empty without her.

But I’m still writing and brushing an occasional tear from my cheek.

It’s odd how sorrow arrives in waves.

One moment I’m just fine, concentrating on my latest project, the next I’m overwhelmed with grief, wishing against all hope that I’ll turn around and find her little white tail wagging a greeting.

We buried her ashes last Sunday. Today I’m still writing through my sadness.

Hopefully tomorrow will shine brighter than today.

In the mean time, I write with an empty heart.

Talk later,



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