What have you reclaimed?

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Hey! Long time no see.

I’ve been so focused on the fabulous Notes from Minnesota Podcast that I nearly forgot to include actual written updates in this space.


Oh well. Time to remedy that. Guess I’ll reclaim that activity. (Ha. See what I did there? If you didn’t, read on.)

If you look at my fancy, new banner at the top of this page, you’ll note some mystery books. Those are mine.

Tomorrow I’m doing my first cover reveal. At least I plan on it.

Thing is, life after a cancer diagnosis is a head trip. If one word could sum up the experience for me, that would be Reclaim.

Post cancer life is all about reclaiming everything that was once important, but somehow fell by the wayside. I’ve reclaimed many treasures since the Big C. Tomorrow I’m reclaiming my fiction.

Everything’s reworked. New covers. New name (to separate fiction from nonfiction in book catalogs. Of course, my long time readers know who I am…).

So, drop by here tomorrow afternoon. If all goes well at the oncologist (3 year cancerversary), I’ll reveal the first cover in my retuned Reclaimed series.

In the mean time… take stock of your life. What do you need to reclaim? Please don’t wait for something like cancer to get you back on track.

‘Til tomorrow. 🙂


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