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Las Vegas is odd. First, it's unimaginably different than Kandiyohi. The traffic? Unbelievable. Constant noise. So. Many. People. Luckily many
Hey Book Lover! Sigh. I recently received word that MailerLite had some sort of mysterious crash and you may (or
If you have a Facebook “Page,” you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. According to The Guardian (link below),
Uff-da. I never thought creative blocks could be controversial. Guess they are. Yes, the “blocks don’t exist” and the “just
Jake turned 17 this fall. We adopted him when he turned six and he's astounded us from day one. He
After checking out today's podcast, you may want to rethink your notions on who should write books and why. Just
Life on the other side of cancer isn’t necessarily all roses and tulips. In today’s episode I talk about: *
It's been over a month since I lost my little writing partner. Mid June, we discovered my little Rudie developed
Yikes! So much to cover today. But I’ll keep ‘er brief. First: THANK YOU ARC team. Reclaimed Haven, Murder on
Sigh. It was a roller coaster. One I thought wouldn’t end. Everything was going super until the surprise twist (actually
I’m back after a bit of a break. Sorry ‘bout that. Life got in the way… as I explain in
Lots of changes over here. To celebrate the upcoming release of Reclaimed Haven, every book in the Reclaimed Series is