Marilyn Monroe and I have something in common.

Beware. A potentially NSFW pic ahead. Woah, that makes two NSFW posts in a row. How unusual. (This pic isn’t all that bad, but I’m never sure what some people categorize as NSFW). You’ve been warned. 🙂

Here’s what happened: I’m minding my own business, surfing the ‘net, when I ran across this pic:

marilyn-monroe-photoshoot-16My jaw dropped. Do you see it? It’s hard to miss.

See the scar on her belly? Yup. It’s very similar to mine.

Turns out, she had her gall bladder removed. I had a good chunk of colon removed. Hence, we’re scar-sisters.

Granted, my scar is longer, plus I have a couple laparoscopic slits, but hey… I’ll take any similarity with Ms Monroe.

Thing is, every other colon cancer person I’ve seen has a nice vertical incision with a awesome swerve around the belly button. I didn’t get that.

So, finding this pic was oddly gratifying.

Someday, I’ll be super-brave and post my own scar pic… maybe. Perhaps someone else with a choppy horizontal incision will find it comforting. 🙂

(I found the photo here.)