Lovely, Lovely Texas

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I’m currently visiting Texas for business. It’s a mite warmer here than central Minnesota. Things I really like about this visit:

  • The people. Wow, they’re incredibly nice. Everyone.
  • The food. So many new taste sensations. The local cuisine is to die for.
  • It’s warm. Much warmer… as in 30 degrees warmer.
  • Great coffee readily available. It’s everywhere. And very tasty.
  • It’s bustling with action. No matter where I look, something’s going on… even at 11:00 at night. Yeow.

The things I ponder:

  • I rather miss silence, crickets, flocks of birds chirping.
  • I miss my son. He’s taking care of my pup, but it’s weird not seeing to him every day.
  • I miss opening my windows.
  • I miss solitude. Sure, I’m sometimes alone here, but I’m rarely completely alone. That’s an odd sensation.
  • I miss my office.

But it’s great down here, quite a nice adventure. Most of my ponderings are due to not being home rather than Austin itself. We’ll definitely be back. 🙂


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