.99 Cent Sale Coming Soon

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I’ve recently noticed an uptick in novel sales (YAY… thanks to everyone who nabbed one) and figured it might be a good time to run a fast sale.

In a day or so, all my novels will be available for .99. This doesn’t happen often, but I thought I’d give a fast heads up to everyone who is kind enough to visit this space.

This has been a phenomenal week… and it’s only Monday.

All my novels are spit polished and good to go. Covers are awesome. I’ve had a few wonderful developments professionally. And on the health front, I just got some news that was out of this world.

Wow. Time to celebrate, eh?

Keep an eye on this space. Better yet, become a VIP reader and you’ll be the first to get in on this fun stuff.

Talk later. — Beth ๐Ÿ™‚


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