What Happened to Contract Wars

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Russia, 2028. The construction of a major international gas pipeline on the border of the Leningradskaya and Murmanskay regions near Finland led to the creation of the “Norvinsk” Special Economic Zone. However, a multinational organization “Terra`s Group”, which is believed to have links to an illegal operation in Tarkov two years ago and several local officials, has begun to provoke an open military conflict between United Nations forces and the internal forces of the Russian Federation MVD in the region. With such political tensions, no one is ready to admit the existence of the conflict, and everyone responds to private military contractors: BEAR (Battle Encounter Assault Regiment), which is known to be unofficially supported by Russia to subjugate the foreign company, and USEC (United Security), hired by Terra`s group to act as a peacekeeping force but claimed by Russian special forces, Liquidate evidence and witnesses related to their covert operation. Thus began the Treaty Wars, a secret and intense battle in this small region of Norvinsk. The game is available on Facebook, Congregation and VK. It has several game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Target Designation and Tactical Conquest. Before stopping social media versions of Contract Wars, users could link their network account to the standalone version and use both on the same account. On March 8, 2018, the online versions were discontinued and subsequently disappeared from all social networks except Kongregate. Users now need to create a new account on the game`s website and log in to the client. The Contract Wars client is a stand-alone client of AbsolutSoft. On March 8, 2018, all social media instances of Contract Wars were shut down, so the Windows-only client version is the only remaining way to access Contract Wars. Unlike VK, Facebook, etc., the game`s page on Kongregate stayed online for a while and offered a way to port your save to a new Contract Wars account for use with the standalone version of the game.

This created a new account, but kept all the players` progress in the Kongregate version of Contract Wars. This option will no longer be available from 2021. The Contract Wars client is pure Windows software. It is identical to the browser version except that it has a client-side anticheat. Apparently, every time you launch the game, a .dll file appears, which according to Windows Defender is a Trojan. Hmm. “Due to changes in browser-based gaming technology, Contract Wars will move from the web to a downloadable client. We have partnered with AbsolutSoft so you can transfer your Kongregate account to keep it accessible to the new customer! Log in to your Kongregate account, click on the in-game button and you will be redirected to a separate website with additional instructions. A suite/remaster version, Hired Ops (formerly known as Contract Wars Standalone 2.0), is developed by Absolutsoft with the support of Battlestate Games (which also develops other FPS escape from Tarkov titles, which takes place in the same universe and revolves around the aforementioned and titular Tarkov region); it is currently available on Steam as an Early Access title. Yes, so I`ve been playing for about a week, and I just noticed the different notifications about a blocked virus.

Contract Wars is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter based on Unity from AbsolutSoft, an independent Russian band. It was released in 2012 and won several Russian game awards, including KRI 2011 Best Game Without Publisher and OGIC`11 Best Start-up Project. .