Words to Live By

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I’ve been undergoing a light study of Reiki and was struck by its Five Precepts:

For today only:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and others


Cool, eh? Much to ponder…

  • Teresa

    Hi Beth,
    I just found your blog! I am so happy to find a new way to hear your thoughts and positive wishes that you share. I find that you have a real knack for saying what I need to hear right when I need to hear it- often before I even know I need to hear anything!

    Keep Sharing,
    Teresa Hall
    Write About Everything

    P.S. How can I subscribe to the blog? Thanks!

  • Hey Teresa,

    Thanks for your kind words! They made my day. 🙂

    As for subscribing, all you have to do is click the little orange RSS Feed box in the address bar and it’ll take you to the “subscribe” option.

    Hope that helped.