So… Was I Taken for a Ride?

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After reading my last two posts, you probably think I got scammed.

And I probably did fall into a minor scam.

However, in reading the “free” book I originally ordered two thoughts jumped out at me:

  1. The author mentions the importance of reading the “fine print” whenever you order anything.

Well duh. I thought I did. Thing is, his fine print is REALLY fine. So yeah, I checked. He mentions sending this 100 dollar item but the print is so tiny I didn’t notice it the first time. Hmmmmm.

  1. Then the author talks about the power of negotiation.

He says never to pay full price for anything. That’s fine and good, but I wonder how many people simply fork over their hundred bucks and pay their credit card bill without “negotiating” down the price.

Plus, if you’ll read my last post, you’ll notice I wasn’t negotiating. I was trying to return the package. I wish I were an ace negotiator, but in that instance I wasn’t even trying to bring down the price although I evidently succeeded.

Bottom line? In my mind his business model is a pretty crumby way to run a business. When people order from Filbert Publishing, they know how much the item will cost and we deliver what we promise. In fact, we often pop freebies in the package just for a nice surprise.

But we don’t sneak in extra charges.

That’s just stupid.

I may have paid 25 bucks for my 100 dollar item, but I doubt I’ll order from that company again. I don’t like surprises. I doubt you do either.

Unless they’re nice surprises that don’t cost a cent.

Talk later,



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