Regarding Your Starter Library…

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Hey Book Lover!

Sigh. I recently received word that MailerLite had some sort of mysterious crash and you may (or may not) have received your emails containing links to your full starter library.

Oh boy…

So, here’s the plan. If you’re on my VIP reader list and have your library, yay! If not, never worry. In the next week or so, you’ll receive a short email series with a link to each book. That way you can get the back story, a dedicated link, and can enjoy each story unfold without getting too bombarded with buzz.

Please accept my apologies! I’m not real thrilled with MailerLite right now, but they appear to have fixed the bug… I hope.

In new news:

1. Watch for a new cover reveal! It’s a doozie.

2. Keep your eyes peeled for a new contest!

3. Advance readers! Watch for an email for Reclaimed Haven: Murder on Second. It’ll be fun.

4. Want to be an advance reader? Let me know. 😛

In the mean time, I’ve got a metric ton of freebie reads for you! Check out the links in the P.S.

Enjoy! See ya next time!


P.S. Here are the fun free reads I mentioned:

The Prolific Reader has a nice Romantic Suspense collection:

The Book Lovers Dream has a promo going on… tons of free books. Enjoy:


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