Goodness Gracious! Clueless Publisher Alert!~!

Wow. This one floored me. It seriously did.

A publisher of a fancy dancy glossy magazine infringed on a writer’s copyright in a big ugly way. Then she got mucho condescending when politely confronted by said author. Yikes!

Wait ’til you read the infringer’s response!

Here’s the link. And another. Don’t be eating or drinking as you read this or you’ll likely soil your monitor.

(Thanks for Pharyngula for the heads up!)

  • Megan

    I dearly hope that publisher goes under and goes under hard. But not before paying her. What a complete imbecile. A 5th grader would know you can’t do that.

  • Beth

    I’m sorry to say that I totally agree with you. In a perfect world, editors like that wouldn’t exist. But sheesh… she REALLY crossed the line. The Internet is public domain? Ugh.